The Escape Mixer

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Introducing The Escape Mixer

Baking can be fun, but some tasks can be tedious. Like cleaning the batter off of the mixer beater blades. This is where the Escape Mixer comes in. Read More...

The Escape Mixer


The Escape Mixer is similar to standard mixers but with several innovative new features. This mixer has a mechanism that allows the mixer beater blades to open whereas regular mixer beater blades can not. There is a button on the handle called The Escape that can be pushed when the mixer beater blades have stopped moving.

The button activates a solenoid which pushes an internal rod down, which in turn pushes the tabs on the hinged mixer beater blades pushing them outward. This allows the batter that is normally stuck in the beaters to be released easily off the Teflon non-stick beater blades.

Another fun feature is that when the beater blades are open, the LEDs in the nose cone light up randomly and flash in many different colors.

This lightweight and rechargeable mixer will be a delight for the adults and will pique the kids interest in cooking.


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Target Market

Patent Info.

A patent application was filed in December of 2020 and is in patent pending status.


  • People who love to cook

  • Those that love time-saving gadgets in
    the kitchen


  • Easy to use

  • “Escape” button opens beater blades for release of ingredients

  • Fun multi-colored lights display when beater blades are open

Meet the Inventor

Shanetta Sims LaZarus


About the developer

Shanetta Sims LaZarus of San Diego, CA, like so many of us, loves being in the kitchen. One day while trying to remove the ingredients from beater blades she came up with a better idea. She worked up a solution that would help her and other cooking fanantics and it proved to be quite effective. Working with Mars Rising Network, she had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product.

She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with her to get this product on the market.


PH: (619) 452-4455